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Recipe : Goya Chanpuru

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Do you know Goya Chanpuru (ゴーヤチャンプル)? Goya is a bitter melon mainly produced in Okinawa prefecture, which is located in the southern part of Japan. Goya is actually a dialect from the tropical island. Goya has a bitter flavor yet it’s rich in a number of vitamins and minerals (i.e. vitamins B, C, E and K). Goya also has various health benefits like “lower blood sugar levels in the body”, “blood purifying and detoxifying qualities” and “reduce conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis” etc. Chanpuru is also a dialect from Okinawa and that means “mix and stir-fry”. Cuisine from Okinawa use a lot of pork and this is one of them. There are many types of Goya chanpuru, like the one with fish. Tofu plays an important role for this dish. This iconic dish of Okinawa cuisine (Ryukyu-ryori) has a simple ingredients and contains high in nutrition, especially protein. Enjoy this well-balanced food!

Ingredients(2 servings):

1 Goya
2 Egg
100g Tofu
100g Thinly sliced pork
3 Tbsp Flour *optional
Salt & Pepper, as needed
Canola oil, as needed
Handful of Bonito flakes

1 Tbsp (15ml) Soy sauce
1 Tbsp (15ml) Sake
1 Tbsp (15ml) Oyster sauce
1 Tbsp (15ml) Dashi


1. Wrap the tofu with paper towels and place aside. Cut into bite size pieces later.
2. Cut the Goya in half lengthwise. Using a spoon, scoop out the seeds and the inner white pith. Thinly slice and put them in a bowl. Sprinkle salt and lightly mix. 10 minutes later, quickly rinse them with water and drain well.
3. Put pork in a bowl and sprinkle salt and pepper. Then, add flour and coat the meat.
4. Put the eggs in a separate bowl and mix well.
5. Combine the seasonings in another bowl.
6. Heat a frying pan and stir-fry tofu until it gets brown color. Then, take them out once.
7. Pour the oil again and put pork and then Goya to stir-fry. When it cooked, add tofu and pour the seasonings. Lightly mix them.
8. When the sauce spread evenly, add the beaten egg and wait for a while.
9. When egg is half cooked, slowly mix all of them.
10. Garnish the handful of bonito flakes. Serve to the dish. Enjoy!

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