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Baby Food In Japan (5-6 Months) Vol.2 | Carbohydrate Recipe

In this recipe video, I will introduce how to make baby food (vol.2). In Japan, babies start eating baby food around 5 months old. Since my previous Japanese baby food recipe video was so popular, I decided to film another video. This time, I introduce porridge recipes with using rice and bread . (I use roll bread in the video but you can use white bread as well! )
I made this video to introduce Japanese baby food but please try making rice porridge when you have less appetite or feel like healthy & light meal!

Ingredients (3 meals) :

1/8 size  Apple
1 tsp Sweet potato *paste type
1/3 size Pumpkin
1 bunch Spinach *leaf part

80g Rice *steamed rice
400ml Water
1 Bread *white part
2 Tbsp (30ml) Hot water
20ml Powder-type milk *Optional

Directions :

1. Wet the knife and cut rice until it becomes 1/3 small.
2. Put rice and water in a pot, cover the lid and heat with high heat. When it starts to boil, turn low heat and steam for 10 minutes. Then, turn off the heat.
3. Cut pumpkin into small pieces and microwave for 2 minutes. Then, strain to make pumpkin paste.
4. Cut the leaf part of spinach and microwave for 2 minutes. Then, grind to make spinach paste.
5. Cut the apple and grate to make apple paste.
6. (Meal A) Put rice porridge in a container. Draw pumpkin shape with using pumpkin paste and spinach paste.
7. (Meal B) Put rice porridge and spinach paste in a container and mix well. Draw sweet potato shape with using sweet potato paste.
8. (Meal C) Put bite-size pieces of white bread in a container and pour hot water. Draw apple shape with using apple paste and spinach paste.  *Add powder milk as for option.

Memo :
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2. Would you like to cook many more recipes? Download Free recipe app from here! Recipe by YJC
3. For more “Japanese Baby Food Ideas”, please check my story section on my private Instagram.

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