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Disney Babble.com : Ohagi

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The third (and maybe the last in this series) family cooking video with Disney Babble.com has published!
In this video, I introduce a Japanese-style sweet rice balls called “Ohagi” !!
Enjoy the recipe video and try it out for your family and/or for yourself.

Disney Babble.com : Okonomiyaki

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Next family cooking video with Disney Babble.com has just published!
In this video, I introduce a Japanese-style savory pancake called “Okonomiyaki” !!
In addition, I wore a casual kimono called Yukata and danced at the summer festival.
Enjoy the recipe video and try it out!

Disney Babble.com : Teishoku

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The family cooking video with Disney Babble.com was released just now!
I had two days filming session with amazing crews last month here in my cooking studio!I introduce four recipes which is easy, so please and healthy for your family. 😉 In this video, I introduce two of them! Enjoy!!!

*Babble.com : Real talk on parenting — the good, the bad, and the sticky — from parenting tips and recipes to style inspiration and DIYs. Brought to you by Disney.

Memo : 
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Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style savory pancake cooked on a large hotplate. Okonomi means “As-you-like-it” and recipes differ depending on the region; traditionally Osaka and Hiroshima. Osaka-style Okonomiyaki is literally a pancake which contains flour, dashi, shredded cabbage, Japanese spring onion, meat/seafood and egg etc. Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki has layers of those ingredients, plus egg noodles. It is flavored with a special Okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and Aonori seaweed flakes. To make both Okonomiyaki, special spatula called “Okoshi-gane” is a must tool to flip the whole pancake.

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Media Interview : NHK World

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YUCa’s Japanese Cooking was featured by international (& my favorite) media – NHK World! 🇯🇵 🎉

NHK World is definitely one of my favorite media so I was so happy that they came to my private kitchen and interviewed me whole day! It was the 2nd longest filming session since after the one with Babble.com (by Disney) last summer. 🌴 That time, we created three recipe videos together. To watch those videos, please check here!

I appear on “Biz stream” section and this program will be broadcasted for coming three weeks! 😊
To watch this interview, please down their App or check here!

Actually, I talked a lot more during the interview like how I started this business, what’s the challenge, how I feel happy, future vision etc…maybe it’s too personal. But, no worries! I will share those stories for YOU as a surprise soon!

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Food Research in Los Angeles : Day 4

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Day 4: Since my son is a BIG train lover, I took him to the travel town (while my husband working…!). We watched and took many photos in front of the trains made in USA We also tried a small train ride that runs there and enjoyed the scenery .

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Media Coverage

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Web Media :

Babble.com (by Disney) (USA)
JapanTravel.com (Japan)
@DIME (Japan)
Forbes JAPAN (Japan)

YouTube :
Raphael Gomez (UK)

Blog :
Farby chute Vone (Slovakia)
Peach NO JAPAO (Brazil)
Choyu Choyu (Korea)

Movie :
DASHI and SHOYU“, guest speaker
Lost in translation“, 🙂

TV :
Cool Japan by NHK (Japan)
Biz Stream by NHK World  (Japan)
NHK (Japan)
Fuji Television Network (Japan)
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (Japan)

Radio :
J-Wave (Japan)

Newspaper :
deStandard (Austria)
Nikkei Marketing (Japan)
Nikkei (Japan)

Magazine :
Oi VIETNAM (Vietnam) *P.67-P.69

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