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Food Research in Los Angeles : Day 4

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Day 4: Since my son is a BIG train lover, I took him to the travel town (while my husband working…!). We watched and took many photos in front of the trains made in USA We also tried a small train ride that runs there and enjoyed the scenery .

Then, we moved to the Americana at Brand. There are so many gourmet cafe and restaurants in this area. The fountains and lawn area was so beautiful. The coffee shop called Philz coffee is a must-to-go! (I definitely try again next time I visit LA!)

My son and I visited there because we wanted to meet special person again! Last summer, I got an opportunity to have a filming session with Disney (babble.com). Jenn who was a director then came to Tokyo with her crews and we worked two days together. We created three recipe videos together.

Recipe video :
1. Teishoku (Japanese traditional home meals)
2. Okonomiyaki (Japanese style savory pancake)
3. Ohagi (Japanese style sweet rice balls)

It was so much fun and great experience. I was sooo happy to meet her again in LA! My son also played with her during filming. She did a special dance in front of him (so that he could concentrate) and he enjoyed watching it! She is now a mother of two lovely daughters so we chatted about childcare program and healthy eating etc.

I felt that eating and living healthy is very important not only for you but also for your family. How about you? Do you think so too?

For more photo, please come to YJC’s Instagram page!

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