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Japanese style hamburger @ Ueno

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Since after we moved to the center of Tokyo, my family and I visit Ueno area more often than before.

From our nearest station (TABATA station), you can go to Ueno station with minimum of 4 minutes by JR line! Awsome!!

Since I was born and raised in the northern part of Japan so I used Ueno station when I go back to my hometown.

Since Ueno area is the hub station for people from northern part of Japan, there are so many traditional shops and things to see!

One of them is “Ame-yoko”. This means American market and small shops sell second hand clothes, bags and shoes.
You can also see the Japanese food shops like snack, fish & fruit shop and etc. It’s so fun just to walk around the area.

In the area, Ueno park is known as one of the best spot to see cherry blossoms. In Spring season, people eat and drink with their friends and colleagues under the cherry trees. When you come to Tokyo in Spring, you shouldn’t miss!


After waking, please visit and rest at the shopping mall called “Atre” in the Ueno station. Then, please try the Japanese style hamburger at the Tsubame grill restaurant.

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