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Noodle Maker

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I got the new machine to make homemade noodles at home!!

I usually buy the noodles at supermarket but I’ve always wanted to be picky for noodles (as well 😋)!!!With using this machine, you can make various noodles like pasta, udon, ramen, soba etc. What is more, you can make the Gyoza pastry, too!!! Woooo, that’s plus!👍🏻

So, I made the Ramen from the scratch! 🍜 The process to make the ramen was so easy and simple! Here we go!!

Put the flour in a machine and push the start button.
Pour hot water with baking soda. Then, pour water with beaten egg and salt.

After 5 minutes later, the noodles come out!

(I was a bit fast to cut the noodles!) You can make egg noodles for 2 servings at one time.

Home-style Ramen is DONE! It turned to be really well. My husband and I am already a big fan of its chunky texture. Yummy 😋Thank you, PHILIPS! You are not a Japanese company but your noodle machine is the best! I am sure you did a lord of research to create this machine!!! Fantastic!!!!

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