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Recipe : Miso

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Miso (味噌) is one of the key ingredients in Japanese cuisine and is a fermented paste, which is made from soybeans and sea salt combined with koji (, a type of mold starter). This recipe makes a basic miso using only soybeans, Koji and Salt. But it is also fun to think about the daily fermentation process.

Ingredients :

100g  Soybeans
200g  Koji (rice mold) 
50g Sea salt
Soup stock of boiled soy bean, 50cc or as needed
Shocyu (or any alcohol), as needed


1. Scatter Koji by hand until it would be granulated. Then, add salt.
    *Please wash your hand after.

2. Smash the boiled soy bean in another bowl.
     *It’s still hot but keep smashing!

3. After the soy bean has all smashed, add Koji (1).

4. Snead again and again and until it would be soften by adding soup stock. 

5. Make small Miso balls by hand.

6. Throw the Miso balls into the container rapidly and leave no space between them.
    *Keep the container clean in advance.

7. Flatten the surface and spray shocyu (or any alcohol) over it.
 *Please spray alcohol around the container as well.

8. Spread the salt on the around of the surface and place the cellophane so that the air will not enter.  Then, shut the lid.

  • Place to keep the Miso container while fermentation :
    – a cool dark place
    – a normal temperature
    *Don’t place in the Shoe cupboard and Toilet.
  • The best temperature for fermentation :
    – 25 to 35 degrees
  • Fermentation Process :
    – First 2 weeks : Don’t open the lid.
    – 3 weeks later : Take the Miso out of the container and repeat the directions from (5) to (8).
    – After that : Check the Miso’s surface once a month.
    – 5 months later : Start using Miso for cooking and preserve Miso in the fridge after.

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