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YUCa’s Diary : Week 25, 2021

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Home-style rice crackers.Kengo and I made home-style (easy!) rice crackers by combining the trial production of new recipes and activities with children.

First, we combined steamed Japanese rice and ingredients found in the kitchen, and put in a microwave for several minutes. And it’s done! Too easy?!

3 Kinds:
– Tenkasu (tempura batter) and aonori seaweed + soy sauce
– Black sesame seeds and cheese + salt
– White sesame seeds, cheese and dried shrimp + sesame oil and soy sauce

I personally liked the last one!
So crispy and has rich umami flavor from cheese, soy sauce and shrimp!
Kengo liked the black sesame and cheese. He likes cheese and this cracker has rich cheesy flavor.

I think it’s a good snack/light meal for children in the morning, between meals or picnic!

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