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Recipe : Cucumber & Shiso Pickles

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Cucumber and Shiso Pickles (きゅうりとしその漬物) is an easy to prepare and tasty side dish. This pickle is a dish that can be eaten even by those who do not like vinegar, since it is a lightly pickled dish made with salt. Eggplant is also included in the dish, so you can enjoy a variety of textures along with the aroma of shiso. 

Ingredients(4 servings):

1 Cucumber
1 Eggplant
5 Shiso *Japanese basil

Salt, to your taste


1. Slice the cucumber diagonally.

2. Take out the stems of Shiso. Roll the leaves and cut thinly.
Then, separate them.

3. Cut the head of eggplant. Cut in half and make scratches on the surface.
Then, cut in half again and cut into bite size pieces.

4. Put all the vegetables in the plastic bag. Add salt and massage the vegetables.

5. Move to the refrigerator and cool it down for about 10 minutes.

6 . Serve on a dish.

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