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White Sesame Tofu

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Ingredients(4 servings):

50g Kudzu starch powder
450ml Water
3 Tbsp White sesame paste

Topping & Sauce:
Maple syrup, to your taste
Kuromitsu *Brown sugar syrup
Kinako *Soy bean powder


1. Put Kudzu starch in a pot. Then, add water to dissolve it.

2. Add the white sesame paste and mix well.

3. Heat the pot with low heat. Keep stirring the mixture until it thickens. (About 10 minutes)

4. Prepare two deep squared containers. Put ice cubes and water in one container.

5. Pour the mixture in the other container and cool in ice water.
*Pour a little bit of cold water on top of the mixture not to dry its surface.

6 . When the tofu has set, cut into 4 pieces. Move to the serving dish.

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