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Local foods in Sendai : Napolitan spaghetti

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My family and I visited Sendai city the other day and had one of the popular Yoshoku (Western food/Western inspired Japanese food) , which is Napolitan spaghetti. I know some of you doubt about this pasta but we call “ナポリタン・スパゲッティ” in Japanese. For this dish, we usually use brown mushroom, green pepper, sausage or bacon and season with Japanese ketchup. Some people garnish extra parmesan cheese or tabasco on top.

We luckily could eat the No.1 champion Napolitan spaghetti at HACHI (http://www.maido-8.com/) ! This shop is famous for hamburg and napolitan spaghetti. For their Napolitan spaghetti, they use onion, brown mushroom, shrimp and their pasta is a little bit thick and has chewy texture. It tastes between Italian pasta and Udon?! This menu had a fried cutlet aside. Of course, we ate all of it! After eating pasta, it’s ice cream time!!!

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