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Egg Piercer

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Do you know this tool? What do you guess?
I am sure some of you saw this tool in the kitchen.

This is an egg piercer. I use this tool during the Ramen & Gyoza class. With using this gadget…

you can make a tiny hole on the surface of egg. (Be careful not to push the egg strongly, or the egg breaks!) This gadget pierces the air pocket of an eggshell with a small needle to keep the shell from breaking during boiling. After making a hole, you put the egg in a simmered soup stock or boiled water to make a soft boiled egg.

In Japan, you can buy this gadget even at the 100yen shop like DAISO (http://www.daisojapan.com/) or Can-Do (http://www.cando-web.co.jp/e/).

Please come join us and test this tool in the Home-style Ramen & Gyoza class!

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