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Tokyo Guide : Onigiri Shop Bongo

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In this Vlog, I will introduce the best Onigiri specialty shop Bongo (ぼんご) in Otsuka, northern part of Tokyo. After watching this video, don’t forget to try various onigiri via my recipe videos! I will upload more!!

The day I visited was crowded with office workers who stopped by for work and individual customers who seemed to be students attending a nearby school. I also encountered a couple who came all the way from Chiba prefecture. They were prepared to line up.

I couldn’t film inside of the shop this time but there is only counter seats and have 10 seats. Customers seemed to enjoy a brief meal time, bit by bit, to check the taste of the rice balls.

I recommend making a reservation over the phone. If you specify the time, you can receive the rice balls without having to wait in line. There are many parks around Otsuka Station, so it might be a good idea to eat onigiri under the sky when the weather is nice.

There are almost 50 kinds onigiri fillings in this shop. Of course, I wanted to try all of them if possible…And finally, I ordered those 5 onigiri.

– Bacon and Cheese
– Tuna Mayo
– Peanut and Miso
– Okaka (Bonito flakes)
– Shiso and Kelp

By the way, the owner was very kind and very concerned about us having been in line with the baby for a long time. So kind!

If you want to know more about Onigiri, please check this article as well.


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