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Tokyo Guide : What to eat at Rayard Miyashita Park in Shibuya

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This vlog introduces what to eat at the new shopping mall Rayard Miyashita Park in Shibuya. I hope you enjoyed the previous Vlog which showed the new Miyashita Park and new Sequence Miyashita Park hotel. In the same facility, there is a lot of fancy and unique shops and new restaurants. Please check what we experienced  there!
For more information about each shops etc, please read the whole article from down below!

Where is Rayard Miyashita Park ?

3-minute walk from Shibuya Station on JR, the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon/Ginza/Fukutoshin/Lines, the Tokyu Toyoko/Den-en-toshi Lines, and Keio Inokashira Line

About Rayard Miyashita Park

Rayard Miyashita Park is a new complex facility that integrates a park, commercial facilities, and a hotel by renewing the old Miyashita Park over 4 to 5 years.

Facilities up to the 4th floor and is divided into a south wing and a north wing.

On the first floor, there are global apparel shops and Shibuya Yokocho (Shibuya alley). There are shops, cafes and restaurants on the 2nd and 3rd floors. On the 4th floor (Roof floor) is Miyashita Park, which is an aerial park.

The Food Hall on the 3rd floor has Taco Bell, KURO-OBI (means “Black Belt” in Japanese), Panda Express, McDonald’s, Maguro Market. You can take out those, so it’s good to eat at Miyashita Park.

At the back of Miyashita Park is the “Sequence Miyashita Park” hotel. Please watch this vlog for more information.

3 Things to do at Rayard Miyashita Park

1. Make the one and the only KitKat chocolate for yourself at the KitKat chocolatory (2F).
2. Take out some foods and drinks from the shops (2F & 3F) and eat at the Miyashita Park (4F).
3. Get your seat and try various local Japanese foods as much as you can at Shibuya Yokocho (1F).

Foods I recommend

– Original KitKat at KitKat Chocolatory

Inside the shop, there is a little eat-in space and you can see the trains passing just beside you from the window. There is a piano with a KitKat-shape keyboard, and you can actually play it. The shop also has products that are limited to Japan, so it is recommended as a souvenir.

What make this shop special is that this is the one and the only place you can create your own KitKat in the world! Available five times a day, up to eight people per session. You need to purchase reservation tickets in store for each day’s sessions starting at 11:00AM. The fee is 2,160JPY per person. It’s a popular spot so please don’t forget to book in advance!

– KURO-OBI (Ramen) at KURO-OBI

As a Ramen lover, I’ve been interested in visiting this shop for a while! The KURO-OBI was born in New York in 2014. Following New York, California and Singapore, the first Kuro-Obi opens in 2020 in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The ramen experts of Ippudo New York has created a new ramen recipe for KURO-OBI. This shop specializes in creamy and thick chicken “Paitan” (emulsified) soup. Ramen can be taken out in paper cups to the customers’ favorite locations, the New York style. I tried the KURO-OBI with creamy white chicken broth with garlic oil. I didn’t realize it’s a chicken based soup until I taste the toppings. So fulfilling! Loved it!!!

More info:

– Maguro Poke at Maguro Market

Maguro Market serves seafood centered on tuna with poke bowls and roll sushi, which are eaten with standard and original sauces.

It’s not a Japanese food but I decided to try their poke bowl. The chopped tuna and cucumber was easy to eat and well seasoned with the sauce. I would love to try again!

– Local Japanese foods at Shibuya Yokocho

In total, it is divided into 20 blocks such as Okinawa food market area and Hokkaido food market area etc. And you can enjoy regional cuisine and sake from all over Japan. There are many rare local dishes that I have never seen or heard, I wanted to eat it all the time if I had time.

The good point is that if you order a dish that is offered in another area, it will be delivered to your seat beyond the area. Please note that getting a seat is very difficult! I recommend to secure your seat at the same time as the store opens. Once you have a place, you can travel all over Japan through food.

Just the other day, the Go To Travel campaign has been applied to trips to and from Tokyo. I am sure there are still many people who are a little uncomfortable to travel domestically like before. But, I believe that many people want to eat delicious food to stay healthy and get well! I thought Shibuya Yokocho was a perfect place.

In fact, it’s a state-of-the-art shopping mall in Shibuya, so a lot of office workers and young people on the way home from work gathered. It was very lively because it was dinner time. Probably the most energetic place in Japan right now.

– Sake and Food at Nonbei Yokocho

In Tokyo, there are several alleys for drinkers such as Omoide Yokocho and Shinjuku Golden Gai. Nonbei Yokocho is one of them. By the way, Nonbei means “(Heavy) Drinkers” in Japanese.

Nonbei Yokocho was built in 1950 after stalls of black market were relocated due to national regulations. This is the reason why every store is “stall-sized” and can be filled with a few people. About 40 small shops are crowded, and when the lanterns are lit, regular customers are sucked in one after another. In recent years, Shibuya Yokocho is popular among women and youngsters, as a place that retains its nostalgic atmosphere. 

Nonbei Yokocho:

– Soft-serve Ice Cream @ Miyashita Cafe

A soft-serve ice cream specialty store “Daimyo Softcream“ opened the new cafe for the first time in Tokyo.

Using the world’s best class Italian machine describes as Ferrari in the soft serve ice cream industry, they created a fine and smooth mouthfeel soft-serve ice cream.

Even with the same flavor, the taste is adjusted according to the season. It is a specialty store that always offers the best balance of soft serve ice cream all through the year.

The shape of the soft serve ice cream is rounded and it’s very cute. I ordered “fresh cream milk” and “cream soda”. The ice cream cone had a black color because it had charcoal kneaded into it.

In fact, the fine texture makes it difficult to melt. It had a smooth texture and was very rich. It’s a lot, so it’s good to share and eat. It was a little heavy with ice cream alone for me. When I ate it with soda, the balance was just right.

At this shop, I also recommend coffee extracted with an optical siphon, where you can enjoy the flavor and aroma of coffee. You may want to try a combination of ice cream and coffee.

– Parkside Sandwich at Egg Slut

This is an egg restaurant from LA. They offer what is called the “ultimate egg sandwich” because of their special eggs and cooking method.

It’s getting popular in Japan these days but they are the forerunner of food truck culture in the US and they started business from the beginning of 2011. They have shops in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia, South Korea and Japan.

They use simple ingredients like potato puree, eggs and fermented butter but it seems that they pull out Umami flavor with a delicate amount of burning.

In Japan, following the commitment of the United States home country, they use flat-reared eggs, which is less than 10% of the domestically distributed chicken eggs. For scrambled eggs, they use high quality fermented butter from France and cook carefully to create a fluffy texture. Homemade brioche buns can’t be missed. I thought it was the point of deliciousness.

I tried their Shibuya limited burger called “Parkside sand” with red cheddar cheese, over medium egg, and grilled shrimp. It also contained red onion, chimichurri, honey mustard egg salad and avocado. It was definitely my favorite taste and I want to eat it again!

Thank you for reading!

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