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The first cookbook by YUCa

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Hello, everyone! I have a news today!! Guess what?
Yes! I am now creating my first cookbook!!! 

It’s been a secret but one of my dreams are publishing a cookbook.
Since this is my first cookbook, I wanted to try something special and fun!!!

1. Entrepreneurial stories – Many of my cooking class guests asked me how I started this cooking class business, challenges I had and what I am now. I couldn’t tell my story in detail during cooking class, but I noticed that so many people are interested in living their dreams. It was not so easy for me in the beginning. Honestly, I once thought that I should stop doing this business etc. I hope you’ll get something new and sparkling things from this book.

2. The first 50 supporters! – Here is the early-bird prize. The first 50 supporters have a chance to write support message for this project. I have been supported by many people since I started my cooking class business. This made me want to try crowd funding and make a special cookbook with my supporters!

3. Rewards – To publish this cookbook, I would like to raise funds. As a reward, I prepared various goods. Those goods are original tote bag, denim bag, Apron and Chopsticks. Of course, those products are sold at my classroom and YUCa’s Japanese Cooking online store only. Now is the time to get those goods as well. Very exclusive!!

Here is the project page (Kickstarter):
The first cookbook by YUCa

I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

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