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Japanese Set Meal Idea : Vol.4

In this recipe video, I will show you how to make a Japanese set meal. What makes this video unique is that with just a few additions of seasonings, the whole family (babies around 1 year old and up) can eat together. Specifically, we make an Eggplant and green pepper stir-fry with miso and Tofu pizza. And finally, I made a set meal with Japanese rice and Egg drop soup.

Ingredients (2 servings) :

Eggplant and green pepper stir-fry with miso :
1 Green pepper
3 Eggplant
1 tsp Salt
2 Tbsp Rice oil

1 Tbsp Red miso
1 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tbsp Sake

Seasonings for adult:
1 tsp Soy sauce
1/2 tsp Tobanjan *Black bean sauce

Tofu pizza:
1 block Thick fried tofu
3 slice Ham
3 piece Shiitake mushroom
1/3 Spring onion
100g Cheese
1 Tbsp Rice oil

Seasonings for adult:
1 Tbsp Soy sauce
1 tsp Rice vinegar
1/2 tsp Yuzu pepper
1 Tbsp Water

Directions :

Eggplant and green pepper stir-fry with miso :
1. Remove seeds and wads from green peppers and cut into small pieces.
2. Peel only part of the skin for texture variation. Then, cut into cubes of easy-to-eat size.
3. Sprinkle salt over the bowl of eggplant and mix lightly. Then pour in water and toss gently. Let the eggplant sit for a while.
4. In a small bowl, mix together the red miso paste, sugar and sake.
5. Place a frying pan over medium heat and add oil. When it is not hot, add the drained eggplant and sautee a little at a time.
6. When the eggplant is lightly browned all over, add the bell pepper.
7. When the ingredients are cooked, add the sauce. Then, reduce heat to low and stir to distribute the sauce throughout. Separate the children’s portions.
8. For adults, add Tobanjan and soy sauce and mix gently. Then, divide into bowls.

Tofu pizza :
1. Pour hot water over thick fried tofu to drain oil.
2. Drain off the hot water and wipe off the moisture by wrapping a kitchen paper.
3. Cut in half, then stand up and slice into 3 pieces.
4. Cut ham into small cubes.
5. Make diagonal shallow cuts on both sides of spring onion. With a knife lengthwise, chop it.
6. Cut the shiitake mushroom shafts and cut into small pieces.
7. Place pan over medium heat. Arrange the sliced fried tofu and fry until browned on the bottom.
8. Flip all the tofu and top with chopped shiitake mushrooms, green onions, and cheese, in that order.
9. Cover and cook slowly over low heat.
10. When cheese is melted, remove lid and separate the children’s portions.
11. In a small bowl, stir well the seasonings for adult.
12. Pour the sauce over the remaining tofu pizza, cover and steam for a few minutes. Serve for adults.

YUCa’s Tips :

1. For eggplant and green pepper stir-fry, adding sauce a little at a time.
2. For Tofu pizza, do not press down too hard on the thick fried tofu.

Memo :

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2. Would you like to cook many more recipes? Download Free recipe app from here! “Recipe by YJC

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