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Oreryu Shio-Ramen @ Jingu-mae

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Jingu-mae area is always funky and pop culture area. New trends usually are born in this area. After cupcake and pancake shops, there are so many bubble tea and sweets shops including fashionable chocolate shops (and even rolling cake stand!) are now VERY popular in this area. I personally like to visit there to check new trends and to buy delicious donuts at the good town doughnuts. On the way to the donuts shop, I found this ramen shop called the Oreryu Shio-Ramen. “Ore-ryu” means my style. Men usually use “Ore” for themselves. I always research salt ramen, so my husband and I decided to try their ramen.

Because of its location, many tourists were also queuing in front of the shop. After waiting about 15 minutes, we could go in. The shop staff was so kind to prepare the extra space to park our stroller. (Yap, my son was sleeping!)

Sitting on the chair, I found there are many seasonings on the table. Since their salt ramen soup has rich flavor from chicken bone and Japanese spring onion, customers have to taste as it is or add extra seasonings to create their perfect flavor. I found it so interesting, new style and also the secret of their salt ramen. Those 6 seasonings on the table were grated kombu called tororo-kombu, Iwa-nori seaweed, plum, yuzu lemon, their original spicy oil and sesame and garlic paste (burnt garlic).

We ordered the spicy salt ramen and the Juku-sei salt ramen (which is kinda tonkotsu ramen). I mainly tasted spicy salt ramen and added all of the seasonings. I especially like the yuzu lemon flavor. I also enjoyed the crunchy pickled bamboo shoots.

Which ramen would you like to try?

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