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Marubun @ Higashiogu

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It’s always fun to discover local ramen shops in Tokyo. But this time, I found delicious ramen shop in my neighborhood. Lucky! The name of the shop is “Tsukemen Marubun”. I am sure some of you may know already but Tsukemen means dipping ramen. This shop is specialty tsukemen restaurant and located in a residential area in Arakawa ward.

The soup is made of pork and fish so it’s really heavy and rich. I really enjoyed their tsukemen. Their noodles are homemade medium-thick egg noodles and it goes well with heavy and rich soup. What I was attracted was a bonito based special soup in the pot.

After eating all the noodles, you can pour the special soup in tsukemen soup and dilute it to drink. So nice and delicious! (By the way, I like the Soba-yu which is a leftover hot water after boiling soba noodles. Some Soba restaurants offer Soba-yu for their customers. It’s a cloudy hot water but has nutritions like fiber, protein, Vitamin B1 and B2. And those are good at digestion, prevent fatigues and high blood pressure etc. I always ask them about this hot water and finish eating.) If you haven’t tried yet, please ask the staff and try it out!

Back to Tsukemen! After enjoyed sipping soup, I found various seasonings on the table. Those are red chili pepper, black pepper, bonito flakes powder and hana-sansho pepper (*from left to right). Since I like tasting and mixing ingredients and seasonings so I put different kind of seasonings in my soup. My favorite was  hana-sansho pepper which has a little bit of spicy flavor.

My son found an interesting book and was waiting patiently. Good!

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