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Keika 桂花@ Ikebukuro

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The other day, my family happened to visit the first Kumamoto ramen shop in Tokyo. Kumamoto is the name of the prefecture, which is located in Kyushu region. The name of the ramen shop is “Keika(桂花)”. This shop is located near the Sunshine city, so I recommend to visit there after the long walk of window-shopping!

We ordered the “Keika ramen” which is a signature ramen and has medium thick egg noodles inside. And “Ta-ro ramen” which has blocks of simmered pork and lots of cabbage on top. “Ta-ro(太肉)” means thick meat and is used only for this shop. Actually, this word is patent by Keika ramen company. Their ramen soup is pork and chicken bone based so it has thick and rich texture. It’s fun to see many stem seaweed on top.

This is Ta-ro Ramen.

Interesting story about how they opened their first shop in Tokyo.


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