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Gyoku @ Ramen street in Tokyo station

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When I go to Tokyo station, I try to visit Ramen street and eat Ramen in the basement floor. This time, I chose the GYOKU.

I ordered their featured menu, Tokusei-Torori-soba (1,080JPY). This is niboshi flavor ramen and  niboshi means dried sardine in Japanese.
After simmering niboshi for long time and filtering umami flavor, they add chicken paitan soup to thicken the flavor. What is more, they also add fresh bonito flakes which is shred in the shop as for a topping. Their thinly shred bonito flakes makes fresh aroma and as well as amazing flavor. Highly recommend!

I visited the shop with my family so we ordered another ramen called Ajitama-sarari-ramen (880JPY). This ramen was soy sauce based ramen so the soup was so light and easy to drink.

We didn’t order but they serve limited menu called Batsugun-niboshi-ramen (1,000JPY). This ramen is only for the Ramen street in Tokyo station. Please try it out!

Because of (or thanks to) my hobby, my son likes ramen & egg noodles a lot!

Which ramen menu, are you interested in?


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