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Burari @ Nippori

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The other day, I went to Nippori area and visited this ramen shop. The name of this shop is Burari (ぶらり). This shop is located in a narrow alley. If you don’t look its location in detail, you may passed the entrance of the alley.

They offer three kinds chicken based ramen only. Those are Torisoba (clear chicken soup ramen), Chicken paitan ramen (cloudy chicken soup ramen) and Tsukemen (dipping ramen). I tasted all of them and my favorite was Torisoba because I could taste the simple, clear but rich flavor from the soup.

As for toppings of Torisoba and Chicken paitan ramen, they put shredded Japanese spring onion, Saffron, Boiled chicken and Stem lettuce. It’s really rare to see a stem lettuce in ramen. However its texture is so fresh and surprising! You can also order extra toppings. I ordered the seasoned egg.

I was so surprised to know that this ramen shop Burari has awarded as The Bib Gourmand for two years (2015 & 2016) by the Michelin Guides. But after tasting three bowls of their ramen, I could understand the reason.

Chicken paitan ramen with seasoned egg as for optional choice

There is some chili powder in a Tsukemen (dipping ramen). Recommend for spicy ramen lovers.

This shop is about 5 minutes from the JR Nippori station, which is on the Yamanote line and easy access from Narita Airport etc. If you just come to Japan or if you didn’t have time to eat ramen before leaving Japan, please stop by and taste their ramen! Highly recommend!

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