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Radio Interview For “Living In Japan” (NHK World Japan)

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I have an announcement to make this time.
That is, I was interviewed by NHK WORLD JAPAN for their radio program “Living in Japan” and went to the studio to participate in the recording!!!

“Living in Japan” is a program that provides hints and tips for foreigners who are living or planning to live in Japan, as well as for those who are interested in Japanese culture.

– Radio Webside

– My InterviewRadio: Jan 2nd 2022 On air

In the recording, I talked about topics such as “How to start cooking Japanese food” and “Easy & Delicious dishes to cook during this season” etc. Since it was a radio program, my favorite song and its episode will also be introduced in the program.

It was my first time to record a radio show, but the MCs Kevin (YouTuber&Influencer) & Ruth (Company Consultant CEO) created a fun atmosphere, so I was able to enjoy the show and finish it.

The episode I was interviewed in will be aired on January 2, 2022 (SUN) at 1:10 pm Japan time. The program will be broadcast on the NHK World’s Free App, Radio, and Website and archived on On Demand, so don’t worry if you missed it!

I’m also very excited to see how the show turns out.❤️

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