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Pancake @ Harajuku

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I visited the Harajuku area. Harajuku is located at the west side of Tokyo and next to Shibuya. Harajuku is famous for the subculture and fashion. What is more, it’s the competitive area for sweets and food!

These days, cup cake shops, pancake shops and popcorn shops from overseas are opening their stores in this small cozy area. And people line up and make a cue for long hours. I heard that the longest cue for the pancake shop was 8 hours!!!

To know the taste of famous pancake, I visited one of the famous pancake shop, the Maena cafe. (This is the shop that musician Justin Beaver came to visit spontaneously last week. ) I ordered the cinnamon pancake topped with cheese cream and Maui coffee. The combination of cinnamon sugar and coffee was amazing! I will try to recreate at home! ;-)♡

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Popcorn shops are also popular in Harajuku area!


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