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Motsu Nabe @ Fukuoka (Kyushu area)

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I went to Fukuoka last weekend. Fukuoka is located in Kyusyu area which is south west area in Japan.

The purpose of visiting Fukuoka was to introduce my son to his great-grandmother who is 95 years old.

It was his first flight so I was worried whether he would cry or shout during the flight. But it was 1.5 hour flight and he was pretty OK.

I personally love the local foods in Kyushu area. One of my favorite and must-to-eat food is a hot pot called “Motsu Nabe”. In English, giblet hotpot. We could eat this hot pot near the hotel so I was totally satisfied. v(^o^)v

My husband, my son and I only spent two days in Fukuoka but we enjoyed the family time there. Hope you like other photos as well and visit Fukuoka soon or next time you visit Japan!


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