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Chocolate mint flavor ice lolly and Kaiseki dinner

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After visiting local sightseeing spot called Meoto iwa, we moved to the other side of Kii peninsula to visit Wakayama prefecture by rented car. I tasted this chocolate mint flavor ice cream in the car. Since I love chocolate and mint products, I enjoyed its flavor.Tasted so good! (By the way, we say “Choco-minto” in Japanese. haha! You can see various choco-minto flavor products this year. It’s kinda trend! Choco-minto flavor frappucino, gums, candies etc. If you are now in Japan and a big choco-minto lover like me, please try them ALL! )

We stopped and rest a little bit at some service areas but it took about 7 hours. Oh my! 😮🚗 My husband drove all the way. So just after having a Kaiseki style dinner, he went asleep right away! 😴 It’s one of the interesting memory.

Would you like to know what we had for dinner? OK, I will show you food photos!

Local shrimp called Ise-ebi with tartar sauce

Soymilk and miso base hot pot with various seafood

Chawanmushi with Sea urchin

Black sesame tofu and other side dishes on hydrangea printed paper

Edamame tofu in a light flavor broth

Mixed rice with bamboo shoot (I loved this rice bowl sooo much!)

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