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YUCa’s Diary : Week 10, 2021

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I found the cherry blossoms flavor KitKat at convenience store.
Not only beautiful package, you can make a donation to plant cherry trees in Tohoku region by purchasing this product.

It was March 11 yesterday and special programs were broadcasted all day in Japan. 10 years have passed since the big earthquake and tsunami happened in Tohoku area of Japan.

I believe that this event changed many people’s lives and way of thinking.

From this day onward, I began to think that unexpected things happen suddenly in life. I have to take more responsibility, independence in my life. Feel grateful for the normal day every nights.

And now, I became a mother of two children who were born after this event. As a parent, I will continue telling my children what happened in northern part of Japan and what we should prepare for the future.

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