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Food Research in Los Angeles : Day 5

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Traveling is the best education. Since my husband was having his business, so I took my son to the Kidspace Children’s Museum. So many new things for him!

This day, I visited two famous hamburger shop in LA. Those are UMAMI BUEGER and Shake shack. Many of my guests from USA talked about this burger shop so I’ve been dreaming of visiting this shop.

I liked this burger with crispy cheese inside from UMAMI BURGER.

Shake shack’s shroom burger is always my favorite!

After tasing two burgers, my family and I had a special moment. Yes, we are invited for the music concert from french band PHOENIX!!!

Backstage of @wearephoenix concert at Fonda theatre. Great experience for both my son and me! I want my son to love music and play some instruments in the future. (I used to play the flute and piano when I was young! ) It was a short time but I hope he enjoyed his first concert with Phoenix in LA!

For more photo, please come to YJC’s Instagram page!

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