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Dried products for Japanese Cooking

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Kanbutsu (dried products, 乾物) are key staples of Japanese pantry. All have a long shelf life, most are natural and without preservatives; and they can be simply reconstituted in water before use.


Aonori (青のり): Green laver, often sprinkled on Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba.

Aosa (あおさ): Sea lettuce, good in soups

Hijiki (ひじき): A black sea vegetable rich in minerals and protein

Kaiso (海藻): Generic term for sea vegetables, often added to salads

Kanten (寒天): Aga-agar made from tengusa, a sea vegetabl, and used as a gelatin

Kombu (昆布): Kelp, essential ingredients in dashi soup broth

Nori (海苔/のり): Seaweed, often used for sushi

Wakame (わかめ): A sea vegetable often used in miso soup and salads


Katsuobushi (かつおぶし): Dried bonito flakes

Niboshi (煮干し): Small dried sardines

Sakura ebi (桜えび): Dried sakura shrimp

Sesame seeds:

Goma (ごま): Sesame seeds

Irigoma (炒りごま): Roasted sesame seeds

Kurogoma (黒ごま): Black sesame seeds

Shirogoma (白ごま): White sesame seeds

Surigoma (すりごま): Crushed sesame seeds

Wheat gluten:

Fu (麩): Wheat gluten

Kuruma-fu(車麩): Car wheel shape wheat gluten


Hoshi shiitake (干し椎茸): Dried shiitake mushrooms

Hoshi warabi (干しわらび): Dried bracken, a type of mountain vegetable (Sansai)

Hoshi zenmai (干しぜんまい): Dried royal fern, a type of mountain vegetable (Sansai)

Kanpyo (かんぴょう): Dried gourd strips

Kikurage (きくらげ): Dried wood-ear mushroom

Kinako (きなこ): Dried soybean powder, a popular ingredient in confections

Kiriboshi daikon (切り干し大根): Dried strips of daikon

Kuzuko (葛粉): Starch made from the kudzu plant, used as a thickening agent, also referred to simply as Kuzu


Mame (豆): Generic term for beans

Azuki (小豆): Small red beans, often used in confections (wagashi)

Daizu (大豆): Soybeans

Kintoki (金時): Kidney beans

Kuromame (黒豆): Black beans

Koya dofu (高野豆腐): Freeze-dried tofu


Menrui (麺類): Generic term for noodles

Soba (そば): Buckwheat flour noodles

Somen (そうめん): Thin wheat noodles

Udon (うどん): Thicker wheat noodles

Harusame (はるさめ): Thin noodles made from bean starch (or potato starch)

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* Reference of this article : Food Sake Tokyo (The Terroir Guides) 

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