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KYODO : Ramen-ya Yashigeru

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Dear Foodies, I like Ramen. I sometimes go to Ramen shops by myself and enjoy sipping! noodle



My neighborhood Kyodo area is famous for ‘Ramen’. It’s one of the competitive area for Ramen shop owners since a lot of students, families and Foodies(like us!) live in this area.

I recently visited the new Ramen shop “Ramen-ya Yashigeru”. The shop is located just a few minutes walk from the Kyodo station. As a landmark, you can find a small billboard on the right side of the Suzuran street. In the shop, there are only 7 seats as you see the photo.

Their Ramen soup is based on “Niboshi” (dried fish) and the fish are all burnt! So you can taste really rich flavor from the soup. Once you sip the soup, you might feel that condensed calcium liquid would be soaked into all of your body!

I usually make my own soup stock mixing with “Kombu”(dried kelp) and “Katsuobushi” (dried bonito flakes). So personally, I felt it’s really new and liked the burnt dried fish based soup. I will definitely go there again!


‘Burnt Niboshi Ramen’ [800 yen] has chopped onion, spinach, bamboo shoots, roasted pork fillet on top.
Ramen-ya Yashigeru

Address : Dom Kyodo 1F, 3-12-3, Miyasaka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-3425-8651
Hours : TUE-FRI  11:30-15:00/18:00-22:00
           SAT-SUN 11:30-21:00
Access : 2 minutes walk from Kyodo station, Odakyu-line

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