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Yuka’s Table : vol.37

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20140903_1.jpgIt’s getting cool weather here in Tokyo. You who have visited Tokyo in a summer season might know but we still have a HOT and HUMID day sometimes… 

And such a hot day, my husband and I tend to eat a cold SOBA. We prefer to eat SOBA rather than Udon. Because we put the SOBA noodle into the cold soup broth and we can eat quickly. (Plus, I will never be sweated!)

20140903_2.jpgWell, what is your favorite toppings?

My husband and I, we usually eat SOBA with various toppings. For example, “Myoga”(Japanese ginger), “White Sesame” (Shiro Goma), “Nori” (Seaweed), “Banno Negi” (Thin green spring onion shoot), “Shiso” (Japanese basil) and “Okura” (Okra) etc. Today, I found a yam in my fridge so I grated and in a small bowl and sprinkled the “Aosa Nori” (Dried sea lettuce) and sesame seeds.

Of course, you can eat the cold SOBA in the winter season but I prefer to eat cold SOBA on hot day! This cold SOBA always reminds me of great summer days in Japan!


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