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Hospital foods in Japan

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Hi, everyone!!! Thank you for warm messages and likes!!! 3 days passed after my delivery. I feel good and recovering so fast surprisingly. My baby has huge appetite and sleeps loooong. Today, I want to introduce a little bit about hospital life in Japan.

In Japan, mamas stay at the hospital for 5 or 7 days. It depends on the hospital’s regulations. But if you’re multipara who had natural birth, you stay at the hospital for 5 days. While staying at the hospital, they offer various lectures and programs; how to take care of baby (eating and bathing etc), how to spend at home. My hospital offers extra service including celebration dinner and aroma massage!!!

I personally enjoy the hospital food. Mainly, they serve traditional Japanese cuisine. But it includes the Chinese food and French food. I learn a lot while staying here. What is plus, they even serve snacks around 15:00PM.
Are you interested in hospital food in Japan? I created special section on my Instagram story (https://www.instagram.com/yucasjapanesecooking/). Please check it out!

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