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Visiting Kappabashi Dogugai

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Many guests visited my cooking class said that they were so interested in getting Japanese ceramic dishes and plates. They also asked me where I got those dishes and plates.
KAPPABASHI is one of the place!

Kappabashi Kitchenware street is located in Asakusa area. The closest station to the Kappabashi kitchenware street is Tawaramachi station, Ginza-line.

In Kappabashi kitchenware street, you can see many shops and stores selling items related to the daily food scene or food business. Since this area is dangerous for me (as a cooking class teacher & home cooking chef), I brought my shopping list not to buy additional things…

My shopping list:
– Food magnet (around 7-8 magnets)
– Rectangular ceramic plates (2 plates)

But after shopping, I realized that some of the items were also added!
– Food magnets (I got 15 magnets!!!)
– New omelet pan
– 4 small ceramic plates
– Kitchen paper stand
– Kitchen towel holder

Oh my…Anyway, I really enjoyed shopping at the Kappabashi. If you are courageous person, please visit and discover this area. For more detail, please check other photos. I hope you like them!

Food samples are massive!


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