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Seven herb rice porridge

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In Japan, we eat the seven herb rice porridge called “Nanakusa-gayu” on the morning of January 7th.

The seven herb rice porridge was introduced from China and then became popular here in Japan by Edo period. The original intention is to protect oneself against evils and invite good luck. And to pray for the longevity by eating the seven herbs that endure throughout the winter.

Seven herbs are the “Seri”(water dropwort), “Nazuna”(shepherd’s purse), “Gogyo”(cudweed), “Hakobera”(chickweed), “Hotokenoza”(henbit), “Suzuna”(turnip) and “Suzushiro” (daikon radish).

sevenherbriceporridge_2.jpgsevenherbriceporridge_3.jpgEach herbs have good meanings;
1. water dropwort :
To win the competition
2. shepherd’s purse :
To cleanse the dirty thing
3. cudweed :
Reflects the body of god
4. chickweed :
To spread the prosperity
5. henbit :
Similar shape of lotus position
6. turnip :
Similar shape of bell that brings god
7. daikon radish :
Reflects the purity

Instead of using water, I used the Japanese soup stock called “Dashi” to add more flavors and nutrition. It was so yummy!


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