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New YouTube channel : Time with YUCa

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Dear everyone,

Thank you for always reading my food & travel blog.
Today, I announce about my new YouTube channel! Yay~!!!
The name of my sub channel is “Time with YUCa”.

As you know, it’s becoming almost impossible to travel internationally these days.
I assume there are many people who work at home remotely (same as me!).
Also, you might be dreaming of traveling abroad again so soon (same as me!).

This is the content/service for YOU!
How about coming to Tokyo and exploring the city with me virtually?

To commemorate the release, I uploaded two videos at the same time.

The first video is a bicycle tour with my toy poodles, Mario and Luigi.
I went to my favorite park in my neighborhood.
Please enjoy the local scene in Tokyo!

And the second video is a driving to the Tokyo Skytree, which is a symbol of Tokyo.
We passed Asakusa on the way, so please try to find it.

Both videos have music that suits in the mood.
I will upload new videos once a week.

Enjoy those videos as a BGM while working, cooking, reading books, taking a nap, having a relaxing time or before going to sleep.

Stay tuned!
YUCa + Mario & Luigi

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