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Ingredients(2 -3 servings):

100g thinly sliced pork meat
50g Potato *Sweet potato and Taro are also OK!
2cm Daikon radish
5cm Carrot
5cm Burdock
5cm Spring onion
1/4 slice of Fried tofu
1/4 block of Shimeji mushroom
1/6 block of Konnyaku

2 cup (400ml) Dashi *Water is also OK!
2 Tbsp (30ml) Miso
½ Tbsp (7.5ml) Sake
½ Tbsp (7.5ml) Soy sauce
½ Tbsp (7.5ml) Mirin


1. Cut the potato, daikon radish and carrot into 5 mm thick quarters, fried tofu into bite-size pieces, spring onion and burdock diagonally. Tear the shimeji mushroom into small pieces. Tear the konnyaku into small pieces with a spoon and boil.

2. Heat the salad oil in a pot and add dashi soup stock and all the vegetables except spring onion.

3. Once it boils, add the pork meat, konnyaku and fried tofu. Then, turn to low heat and add rest of the ingredients. Simmer till tender while removing the scum. When the vegetables get soft, turn off the heat. Then, serve on a bowl.
*It’s nice to sprinkle the sliced long onions on top.

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