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Yuka’s Table : vol.7

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夜ごはん: 十穀米。おくらとなすと油揚げとねぎの西京味噌汁。切り干し大根とにんじんの酢の物。塩麹漬けきのこ入り卵焼き。塩麹あんかけカリカリ豆腐。お気に入りの鯛焼き型の箸置きも添えてhappy01note

Dinner: Ten-grain rice. Saikyo miso soup with okura, egg plant, fried tofu and naganegi onion. Vinegared food with dried radish and carrot. Fried egg with pickled shio-koji and mushroom. Sauteed tofu with shio-koji. Throw in my favorite “Taiyaki” (=fish-shaped pancake stuffed with bean jam) shape chopstick stand.happy01note

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