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Lesson Voucher

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YJC started offering the Lesson Voucher comes with 4 tickets!

This voucher comes with 4 tickets and you can use anytime within 6 months. This might be perfect for expats living in Japan, or great gift to your friends/family studying or working in Japan etc. For more information, please send a message to us! Thank you.

P.S. Special thanks for talented illustrator Ericca😘

AKARI roof top light

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New roof top light has come to our classroom!
(Yes, we are always working on giving the precious and memorable cooking class experience to our guests! 🍙😉)

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Japanese superfood : Amazake *Non-alcohol

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This is Rice mold called “Koji”, one of the important and secret ingredient for making basic Japanese seasonings like Soy sauce, Miso, Sake, Rice vinegar and Mirin.

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Japanese beckoning cat “Maneki-neko”

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This is a perfect timing to start/prepare for something new!

So I bought the Japanese beckoning cat called “Maneki-neko” for the first time.
Maneki-neko is an ornamental beckoning cat. It is usually made of clay which is often found in restaurants and shops in Japan. (Well, I now have a cat and *real* dogs at home! )

025It is believed that the cat with right arm up, it brings money. And the cat with left arm up, it is believed that it brings visitors and customers. At the Maneki-neko shop in Yanaka area, I bought the traditional design one. Because I thought traditional design appeals to the guest from abroad and also I felt that this cat has nice face!

I also have another Maneki-neko! I should say Modern style Maneki-neko!! My friend Ericca, who is an illustrator created the special Maneki-neko for YJC. This cat wears the YJC’s original apron! (I am sure many of you have wore this apron in the class! )
How cute is that!!! I LOVE them all!!!

Japan’s traditional masterpiece “Kumade”

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I got Japanese traditional masterpiece “Kumade” at the famous shrine. During the Edo period, people started decorating Kumade with good luck charms and selling them at shrines, to help “raking in” success, wealth, safety and happiness. This will definitely bring good luck and many Japanese food & culture lovers this year!

This Kumade goes well with two sake barrels from Tatenokawa, the only sake company producing pure premium sake in Japan.

Come to my home/kitchen studio and find where they are in the classroom!

Happy New Year of 2017!

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Dear Japanese Food Lovers,

Happy New Year! (Akemashite Omedetou!)

Let’s keep discovering the world of Japanese cooking in 2017!!!

I am looking forward to meeting/communicating many of you through my cooking classes in person and also my YouTube channel!



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