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Summer has arrived!

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Summer has arrived finally here in Japan. Somehow, it arrived a bit early this year. So, I decided to display sunflowers this week. I like this brilliant color!

Local sightseeing spot and Takoyaki

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Few hours left before going back to Tokyo !!! So, we went to the local touristy spots called Senjojiki and Sandanbeki. I didn’t know there are such a cool and dynamic (& instagrammable ) spots here in Japan. I should travel more than before for…food research!!!

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Plum picking at Inoue umeboshi shokuhin company

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After tasting soft-serve ice cream, we visited one of the famous plum production the Inouse umeboshi shokuhin company and experienced the plum picking for the first time! It was the best timing to pick plums. The area was filled with aroma from plum trees. We all loved it! They put blue color cloth net to gather fallen plums. So clever!!! During this research trip, interesting thing happened. Guess what? The day (June 6th) that we visited plum production was a Plum’s day! It was totally coincidence!!! (We even didn’t know there is a plum’s day in Japan ) Just…WOW!!!  To see more photo about plum picking and what I got from their special shop… Read More

Plum flavor soft serve ice cream

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Main purpose of this food research trip was to explore and understand more about Japanese plums.  So…I tasted plum flavor soft serve ice cream at first…you know. 😜 In Japan, we call plums “Ume” in Japanese. We put pickled plums in a bento box, rice balls and we even eat them as a snack. Because of its look, plum related products always have dark pink color here in Japan. Same as this soft serve ice cream. It had a beautiful and instagrammable pink color! Of course, it tasted sour sweet and delicious!

Japanese style breakfast in Wakayama

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Japanese style breakfast in Shiraraso Grand Hotel!🍚
(This hotel locates just in front of the beautiful ocean so you can go for a walk anytime!)
I always like to eat Japanese style breakfast at hotel! Small dishes a lot!!! Especially, I enjoyed different cooking style of vegetables 🍅 Pickled, simmered, steamed, Marinated, Tossed vegetables…Yummy! 😋 Since Wakayama prefecture is famous for plum, they serve plum flavor porridge!

LOVE & YUM! ❤️

Chocolate mint flavor ice lolly and Kaiseki dinner

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After visiting local sightseeing spot called Meoto iwa, we moved to the other side of Kii peninsula to visit Wakayama prefecture by rented car. I tasted this chocolate mint flavor ice cream in the car. Since I love chocolate and mint products, I enjoyed its flavor.Tasted so good! (By the way, we say “Choco-minto” in Japanese. haha! You can see various choco-minto flavor products this year. It’s kinda trend! Choco-minto flavor frappucino, gums, candies etc. If you are now in Japan and a big choco-minto lover like me, please try them ALL! )

We stopped and rest a little bit at some service areas but it took about 7 hours. Oh my! 😮🚗 My husband drove all the way. So just after having a Kaiseki style dinner, he went asleep right away! 😴 It’s one of the interesting memory.

Would you like to know what we had for dinner? OK, I will show you food photos!
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Local sightseeing spot in Mie : Meoto Iwa

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After the breakfast at Toba Hotel International, we visited the local sightseeing spot called Meoto iwa. “Meoto” means husband and wife in Japanese and “Iwa” means a rock. There are a couple of small rocky stacks in the sea off Futami, Mie prefecture. They are tied by a heavy rope of rice straw called Shimanawa and are considered sacred by worshippers at the neighboring Futami Okitama Shrine.

Actually, it was my second time to visit there. Last time was when I was a student (also single) so I just prayed and hoped for finding my future husband. This time, I visited with my hubby and my son! 👦🏻 So I felt something special 😘

Shop area

My husband and I bought souvenir for ourselves


Japanese breakfast at Toba Hotel International

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I usually eat a lot of breakfast  I also make it a rule to have small portion dishes a lot. So, a buffet style breakfast is always perfect and the BEST for me!  At this hotel, my family and I enjoyed small portion fusion dishes for breakfast. We loved their pancake, french toast (By the way, chef cooks in front of you!) and bisque of shrimp . Oops! They are not Japanese food!  Maybe we wanted something different!

Oh, let me introduce about the hotel we stayed. We stayed at the Toba Kokusai Hotel (Toba hotel international). I found some old photos that Japanese emperors and their family stayed this hotel.  The size of the room, the view from there, special pearl hot spring, hospitality of the staffs and the most important part “food”! Everything was great and we loved it!  My son still keeps saying the number of the room we stayed. It seems he liked it, too! We would definitely go back and stay at this hotel again. Highly recommend!!!

Ocean view!

Toba Bay area is famous for pearls

Could you find pearls for me?

Taste Japanese style course menu for dinner

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The first night, my family stayed at the historical hotel and had the Japanese course menu for dinner 🍴
Since we stayed at this hotel with my small son so they took us to the private room which was so kind and generous. My family enjoyed the atmosphere, Japanese ceramics and, of course, their artistic and creative dishes! I especially enjoyed the decorative food techniques, jelly type dashi, Octopus and winter melon dish and etc. Oh, the texture of warabi mochi was amazing!!!
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Local bites : Tofu flavor soft-serve ice cream

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I wrote about Ramen with Matsusaka beef broth at Okage yokocho in my previous blog.
This time, I want to introduce my secret local bites. It’s a Tofu flavor soft-serve ice cream🍦. This soft-serve is made of 50% Tofu,  pasteurized milk and well selected Japanese eggs as well as pure and clear water from the Isuzugawa river. So Natural and So Local! The flavor was so smooth and I could enjoy the natural Tofu taste. YUM!!!!! I ordered this ice cream for my son so I chose “kids size” one. So it’s gone really quickly. I realized that I should have ordered one more “regular size”!!! 
It was actually the best sweets for me.  I miss this ice cream.
…or I may be able to recreate at home.  What do you think?

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