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Food Research Trip to Mie and Wakayama prefecture

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I recently went to Wakayama and Mie prefectures for “food research”! 😋 For coming days, I will introduce local Japanese foods for you! Hope you enjoy!!!

YUCa’s Japanese Cooking Original Chopsticks

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YUCa’s Japanese Cooking original chopsticks!
I wonder if you (who have joined my class already) noticed but I created special chopsticks early this year and have been using in the class. Since then, many of my guests asked me if I sell this in the class. So, I decided to start selling them in my class and YJC’s online store.

What I like about this chopsticks is you can put them in a dish washer. I’ve been using almost everyday for past 6 months but it still keeps really new. How about using this chopsticks at your home or giving them to your friends who like Japanese food and culture? For order, please go to the store page. Thank you & Enjoy Japanese food!

Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki

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Do you know this Japanese style savory pancake?
This pancake is called Okonomiyaki. There are two kinds of Okonomiyaki here in Japan. They are Osaka-style and Hiroshima-style. I usually teach Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki in my class.👩‍🍳🍳 Because this pancake has volume and it’s fun to flip several times to make it! If you are interested, please join our Okonomiyaki & Gyoza class!

Sakura cherry blossoms at Arakawa-yuen park

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There is a local park called “Arakawa-yuen” near my house. After the class, I sometimes go there with my son and we enjoy watching scenery of Tokyo from their ferris wheel. This is one of our favorite activity!

In April, you can also enjoy seeing full-bloomed sakura cherry blossoms all around the park. This year, we visited this park almost everyday because they bloom for only a week! How precious they are!!

7th Anniversary at Hibiya Matsumotoro

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Champagne at lunch time.🍾 Because it’s spring! 🌸

The main reason was…It was a belated anniversary for my hubby and me. ㊗️ He proposed me at this Hibiya park 7 years ago. Wow, time flies so fast!!!

I feel grateful that he is always being helpful and the best supporter in both private and business life. I enjoy the journey with him (and my son 👦🏻, Mario 🐶and Luigi🐶). Happy anniversary. 😘🎉

This French restaurant called Hibiya Matsumotoro had nice and quiche interior. I loved it!

Sakura and Japanese Garden

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Sakura cherry blossoms are about to bloomed here in Tokyo. 🌸🌸🌸 One of the best season has come!!!

Vegetarian Ramen | Japan Travel

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The other day, talented and influential journalist Piti came to my cooking class and we cooked home-style vegetarian ramen together. Piti has her own website “Piti no japao“. We chatted and laughed a lot while filming the video. As she works with famous travel site “Japan travel“, she introduces this video on their site as well. I hope you enjoy the video!!

Sake Navigator

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My husband works at the premium sake company but I didn’t know a lot about sake. (I even believed that hot sake is ALWAYS for bad and cheap sake!)
I’ve been felt that I’m missing something so I joined sake tasting session and sake seminar intensively in January. Now, I got the certificate of the Sake Navigator.
I think it’s very useful certificate for both my business and my private life as well! Yay!!!

For more about the tasting session and the sake seminar, please check my Instagram!

Seasonal Event : Setsubun

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On the 3rd of February, we have the day of “Setsubun” (seasonal division) in Japan.
Setsubun has been an important time-honored rite to welcome the New Year by banishing evils and keep the house from calamity.


Sushiroll_8.jpgOn the day, people threw beans to banish demons who cause various evil things and plagues. The beans used in “Mame-maki” (bean throwing) are parched and edible. It is believed that one can maintain good health throughout the year by eating the sam e number of thrown beans as one’s age. And they shout, in principle, “In with good fortune! Out with the demon!”
At the same time, we eat “Eho-maki”, sushi roll containing 7 ingredients associated with the Seven Deities of Good Fortune “Shichi-fukujin”, facing the direction of Eho that is most lucky for the year as determined by the Way of Yin and Yang. (I use more than 7 ingredients! :-D)
It is also customary to eat Eho-maki while making a wish in the mind with the eyes closed and without uttering a single word. You will eat the whole roll at a stroke in order not to lose ties. In 2018, the direction of Eho is south-southeast!

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