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Delicious SOBA in Suwa area

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We went to the Suwa-city, Yamanashi prefecture the other day and had amazing soba noddles at one of the famous town of Soba in Japan.
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The YUCa lantern at the local shrine

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The YUCa lantern at the local shrine🏮⛩
I donated some money to the local shrine since my family visit often when we going for a walk.
As a return, they created special lantern with my name on it. COOL!


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Tanabata decoration in the classroom!🎋

Legend has it that Vega and Altair, who are separated by the Milky Way, are allowed to meet only once a year on the night of Tanabata or July 7th. It is said that if you write your wish on a tanzaku (a strip of paper) and hang it on a bamboo grass, your wish will be granted.

My son brought special bamboo grass with Tanzaku and it seems that my son wishes to be like a mom =me ?!

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YUCa’s Japanese Cooking received a TripAdvisor’s certificate of excellence 2019!

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Good news, everyone!!!
YUCa’s Japanese Cooking received a TripAdvisor’s certificate of excellence 2019!!! This is the 4th time to receive this amazing certificate.

Some of you might know this story already from my first cookbook that we launched in April but I only ran one class a month at the beginning. Then, thanks to the word of mouth, more guests contacted and joined my class little by little. And my class was chosen the No.1 cooking class in Japan 2018 by international travelers . It all happened from your reviews on TripAdvisor.

Thank you for your kind, uplifting and warm reviews, everyone! I strongly believe the power of “Word of mouth”. ✨

YUCa’s Japanese Cooking will pursue our mission “Connect Japan and overseas countries through the Japanese foods and lifestyle” to and continue giving more values to YOU!



P.S. Special thanks to my family♡

Plum season has come!

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After Biwa (loquat), it’s time to enjoy plum!
I put rock sugar and frozen plum in a glass bottle to make a plum syrup. You can also make plum flavor juice with using this syrup!

This is fun annual event for my family. If you want to know the recipe, please check here!
This recipe is super easy and delicious.

Biwa (Loquat) time has come

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Time to eat the loquat called “Biwa” in Japanese! Thanks to the technology, you can buy most of the fruits all year around here in Japan. But there are some fruits that you can only taste during certain period of the year. And this Biwa is one of them! So, I feel something special for these kind of seasonal fruits.

I made Japanese sweets called “Yokan”. We usually use red bean paste to make Yokan but I found white bean paste in my fridge so I created this sweets!
After mixing water, agar agar and white bean paste to make the 1st layer, I chopped Biwa into small pieces and seasoned with sugar and lemon juice. While marinating it, I prepare another mixture of water, sugar and agar agar. Added Biwa in it and pour the whole mixture on the 1st layer. Move to the fridge to set for an hour! YUMMY

Happy 4th Birthday, Kengo!

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My son became 4 years old in early June. 🎶
On his birthday, my family went outside for lunch together. After coming back home, he suddenly suggested me to bake his birthday cake together (Yap, it was around 17:00PM 🕔!), so we baked simple sponge cake together. Then, we coated the sponge cake with the coconut milk and maple syrup based whip cream and sprinkled banana and chocolate chips on top🎂.

He made his birthday cake by himself. What a memorable and funny birthday !
Eat well, sleep well and grow healthy…That’s what my husband and I strongly want for him.
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Dog’s Day

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In the 5th month of pregnancy, Japanese people go to the shrine to pray for the safe delivery of the child. It is called “Dog’s Day” in Japan. My pregnancy passed 5 months as well, so I visited local shrine with my family, parents from Fukushima and my sister.
(Photo : My son poses as if he is also pregnant. 😂)

After the purification ceremony, I was given the abdominal band with my name on, two kinds of harms for safe delivery and Japanese sweets. (Yap! Sweets are everywhere here in Japan.)

Happy Mother’s Day & Exciting news!

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Happy Mother’s Day from Hawaii.
I am now having a late Golden Week (long national holiday in Japan) here in Oahu island.

So happy to experience the American style Mother’s Day! (There is a special buffet at our hotel. Wow!) I feel grateful to be a mother of my son. I didn’t realize being a mother is so fun, creative and precious! (&also challenging some times…)

Actually, I have one more NEWS today!!!
I will be a mother of one more child this Autumn!!! A bit nervous but more Excited!!!

For more Hawaii & Hawaii food photos, please check my private IG account (@yuca_private) ! See you there!!

Food Research in Hong Kong

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I visited Hong Kong 🇭🇰 and Macau 🇲🇴 with my family last week. (My husband had a business there so my son and I joined!)
It’s been almost 8 years since I visited there last time. Amazed to see so many good and cozy coffee shops and vegetarian/vegan cafes in Hong Kong Island area.
In Macau, we felt something new insights and learned interesting data about Chinese market.
We ate a lot as you might see on my private account (@yuca_private).
It was really a good research trip with my family!

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