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Japan’s traditional masterpiece “Kumade”

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I got Japanese traditional masterpiece “Kumade” at the famous shrine. During the Edo period, people started decorating Kumade with good luck charms and selling them at shrines, to help “raking in” success, wealth, safety and happiness. This will definitely bring good luck and many Japanese food & culture lovers this year!

This Kumade goes well with two sake barrels from Tatenokawa, the only sake company producing pure premium sake in Japan.

Come to my home/kitchen studio and find where they are in the classroom!

Happy New Year of 2017!

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Dear Japanese Food Lovers,

Happy New Year! (Akemashite Omedetou!)

Let’s keep discovering the world of Japanese cooking in 2017!!!

I am looking forward to meeting/communicating many of you through my cooking classes in person and also my YouTube channel!



Ramen & Gyoza @ Roppingi

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I had friends (and 9 months old baby) visiting from Canada for almost two weeks. So I visited some places with them. One of the memorial area is Roppongi.

When we visited there, the Christmas market was held and the illuminations near the Roppongi Hills were so beautiful.
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Japanese style hamburger @ Ueno

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Since after we moved to the center of Tokyo, my family and I visit Ueno area more often than before.

From our nearest station (TABATA station), you can go to Ueno station with minimum of 4 minutes by JR line! Awsome!!

Since I was born and raised in the northern part of Japan so I used Ueno station when I go back to my hometown.

Since Ueno area is the hub station for people from northern part of Japan, there are so many traditional shops and things to see!

One of them is “Ame-yoko”. This means American market and small shops sell second hand clothes, bags and shoes.
You can also see the Japanese food shops like snack, fish & fruit shop and etc. It’s so fun just to walk around the area.

In the area, Ueno park is known as one of the best spot to see cherry blossoms. In Spring season, people eat and drink with their friends and colleagues under the cherry trees. When you come to Tokyo in Spring, you shouldn’t miss!


After waking, please visit and rest at the shopping mall called “Atre” in the Ueno station. Then, please try the Japanese style hamburger at the Tsubame grill restaurant.

For more photo, please check our facebook page!

Gunkan Curry & Yokosuka Burger @ Yokosuka

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I went to the Yokosuka with my parents and my son the other day.
Yokosuka is located in the Kanagawa prefecture, which is next to Tokyo.
It takes about less than 2 hours from Tokyo to there.

The area is famous for port and the United States Navy.
A lot of people from abroad (especially from USA) live there so you can see various cuisine restaurants.

The main purpose to visit Yokosuka was going to the “Sarushima island” (Monkey Island).
Sarushima is the only natural island in Tokyo bay and once was also used as a military fort.

Before visiting the island, we got hungry (of course!) so we visited the Yokosuka Port Market to have Lunch!
We tasted the famous food, “Yokosuka Burger” and “Gunkan curry”! And I had healthy pizza!!

After having lunch, we walked around the market that carries seasonal goods collected from Miura Peninsula and Yokosuka. (Wooo, the ice cream was delicious!)

Then, we moved to the Mikasa Pier where the Sarushima Cruise arrives and departs.

Arriving at the Sarushima island, we walked and walked a lot. It was a nice walk to enjoy the nature and see historical structures! I am sure I want to visit there again to do BBQ or Fishing with friends!

086 (9)
Cut passage (Fortress site)

086 (15)
For more photos, please visit our album page!

Meal prep of this week!

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Hi, cooking lovers all over the world!
Thank you for always visiting YJC website!!

Olympic was over and I realized that I got the power from the athletes!
This week, I’ll work on writing the new article for JPy magazine.
I’ve been introducing my new recipes on this magazine for almost 3 years.
This is one of my favorite project and I always enjoy creating healthy and yummy recipes!

Here is this week’s meal prep collection!! Have a healthy and yummy week, everyone!!


– Asparagus rolled with bacon
– Stir-fry Konnyaku with bonito flakes
– Sauteed various mushrooms with olive oil
– Chicken marinated with curry sauce
– Pickled daikon radish and carrot
– Pickled mini tomato
– Green beans with sesame sauce
– Natto with okura
– Marinated shimeji mushroom with plum and bonito flakes
– Preparation for Miso soup
– Seasoned minced pork
– Sauteed white bean sprouts
– Seasoned egg
– Sauteed eggplant and green pepper with sweet miso sauce
– Simmered pumpkin
– Pickled vegetables with olive oil

Meal prep of this week!

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Hello, everyone! Thank you for always visiting YJC website!

Sorry that I couldn’t upload the meal prep last week!
I am now working for various projects.
One of them, the preparation for the new class is  proceeding well!
A few days delayed but I finished sending the monthly mail magazine for our guests.
It’s always nice to reconnect with our guests and change information monthly. I love it!

Here is this week’s meal prep collection!! Have a healthy and yummy week, everyone!!


– Fried lotus roots with curry sauce
– Sauteed eggplant topped with meat sauce
– Tomato sauce with chopped vegetables
– Kimpira with burdock and carrot
– Sauteed green pepper with bonito flakes
– Grilled salmon
– Stir-fry green pepper and minced pork
– Fish cake and cucumper
– Pumpkin salad with raisin and pumpkin seeds
– Various mushrooms marinated with olive oil

LEGO Discovery & Poteriko @ Odaiba

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The other day, I went to the odaiba area with my family.
Odaiba is famous for shopping malls, amusement parks and artificial beaches.

The main purpose to visit the area was to bring our son to the LEGO Discovery center.
We could see many Tokyo’s iconic architectures made by LEGO. It was amazing!
It seemed that my son was enjoying watching them. 

This is the Ryogoku Kokugikan (SUMO wrestling place) made by LEGO! COOL!!

020 (12)
There was an athletic place, LEGO building classes and ride in the area.
My son is a bit small to experience those activities but he enjoyed playing with LEGO Duplo at the play area.

021 (5)
After that, we went to the Calbee flagship shop called “Calbee PLUS”!

023 (3)
Calbee is the name of Japanese confectionery company that produces popular snack “Jagariko”.
Jagariko has been sold more than 20 years and it is surely the primary product for the company.
Jagariko is made of potato and its texture and flavors are so unique. My husband and I love it!

023 (1)
Since this is a flagship shop, you can taste their special menu.
One of the special menu is “Poteriko” and (I think) it is a fresh version of Jagariko.

023 (4)
There is a kitchen near the entrance so that you can enjoy watching how to make Poteriko.
Don’t forget to go to the  Calbeer’s anntena shop and try the special snack!

To see all photos about Odaiba area, please check YJC Facebook page

Meal prep of this week!

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Hello, everyone! Thank you for always visiting YJC website!

The 2nd week of August has started!
We have a hot and humid day everyday here in Tokyo and I always feel lazy to go outside of the house!
In Japan, the Obon festival will start from 13th until 16th.
Those period, family and relatives usually gather, have meals together and pray for the ancestors.

Here is this week’s meal prep collection!! Have a nice and healthy week, everyone!!


– Fried vegetables marinated with sour sweet sauce
– Sauteed white bean sprout topped with sesame seeds
– Sauteed mushrooms with olive oil and garlic
– Sauteed Konnyaku with bonito flakes
– Pickled mini tomato and yellow paprika
– Stir-fried Hiijki with yellow paprika and fried tofu
– Pickled cabbage with salted kelp
– Okura and natto salad
– Boiled broccoli and salted kelp
– Seasoned minced pork with soy sauce, mirin, sake and miso
– Marinated chicken with teriyaki sauce
– Fried gyoza
– Seasoned boiled egg

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