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Today, I will show you one of my favorite kitchen tools.
This is called “O-bon” in Japanese and it means the wooden tray.

IMG_8834You might be realized but I always use this O-bon in my kitchen.
I like O-bon for several reasons from the point of both functionality and sensuous.

At first, it’s so convenient to deliver food and plates before and after eating.
Not only delivering but O-bon can be used as the perfect Japanese style table setting.

And the sensuous reason is…O-bon makes me feel like creating something new. For example, new way of display food, table setting and even new recipes!

In the class, we also use O-bon. Please check and tell me how you think of O-bon!

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If you are interested in this product, please click the photo below!

Glass bowls by IWAKI

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What do you think they are? Close! But it’s not the Micky Mouse. bleah

These are the the glass bowls by IWAKI. I have three bowls and two of them are the same size. I like to use those bowls especially when I do baking. They are heat-resistant so you can use them for microwave and also for oven! You don’t need to move the dough to another bowls. I mean, you don’t need to use several bowls at the same time. Thanks to those bowls, my kitchen is always clean and simple.lovely What is more, these bowls are good match with stainless whisks.birthday


Butter Case by NODA HORO

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I have been looking for a butter case for a long time and I finally found my favorite one!
It’s NODA HORO Butter Case 450g produced by the Japanese manufacturer Noda Horo (http://www.nodahoro.com/).

I usually buy a CALPIS Butter (450g) at the supermarket so this butter case is the perfect size and easy to stock. Additionally, its look in the fridge is very SIMPLE and BEAUTIFULshine

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