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Have you ever had Okonomiyaki ? Okonomiyaki is the Japanese style savory pancake. We usually put cabbage, spring onion, egg, tempura batter, shrimp and bacon etc.

There are two kinds of Okonomiyaki in Japan. They are Osaka-style and Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki. In my class, I teach Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki since it’s more fun and you need to do more flipping! (Don’t worry! I can teach Osaka-style Okonomiyaki if you request.)

And this stainless spatula called “Okoshi-gane” is the MUST item to enjoy Okonomiyaki. What is interesting about this tool is that this can be both knife and spoon. So, you can cut Okonomiyaki into bite-size pieces and scoop it. Would you like to try using it? Come and join our Okonomiyaki & Gyoza class !

Egg Piercer

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Do you know this tool? What do you guess?
I am sure some of you saw this tool in the kitchen.

This is an egg piercer. I use this tool during the Ramen & Gyoza class. With using this gadget…

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Ramen Bowl

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New Ramen bowls have added in my cooking class! 
Those are one of my favorite Japanese ceramics called “Mino-yaki”.

Noodle Strainer

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New items are added for the home-style Ramen & Gyoza course!
This tools is usually for restaurants but I use in my cooking class. So, I don’t shake the noodles over the floor but over the pot!  It’s such a handy tool so I use this strainer to boil vegetables. To cook home meals (especially small portion for my son), this strainer is good to go! 

Noodle Maker

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I got the new machine to make homemade noodles at home!!

I usually buy the noodles at supermarket but I’ve always wanted to be picky for noodles (as well 😋)!!!With using this machine, you can make various noodles like pasta, udon, ramen, soba etc. What is more, you can make the Gyoza pastry, too!!! Woooo, that’s plus!👍🏻

So, I made the Ramen from the scratch! 🍜 The process to make the ramen was so easy and simple! Here we go!!

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New Japanese knives added ! This is a GLOBAL knife made in Japan
*i will put the link written in English! http://globalknives.uk/

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Miso muddler

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What do you guess this is? This is one of my favorite Japanese kitchen tool!

Yes, as is written in a title, it’s Miso muddler!
I use this tool every time in my class, especially when I teach how to make miso soup.
Since this is the new kitchen tool for Japanese cooking, I like to see people’s reaction!

Almost guests wonder how to use it, but they are always amazed!

This is called “Miso muddler” but you can use this for peanut butter, jelly and other pastes.
You can also use as for small whisk.
How about you? How would you like to use this? 


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Welcome to the world of Japanese kitchenware!

This time, I’ll introduce “Seiro”.
“Seiro” is one of the “Mushiki” (“Mushi” means to steam, “ki” means “utensil”).
Seiro is the utensil to steam food and is usually made of bamboo.

I like steamed dish because it is good for digestion. And steaming cleanses the raw smell, it can cook in a short period of time and it moderates astringency.
What is more, I feel more delicious! So, I steam many food in my daily life.

What is more! When displaying on the table, it becomes special atmosphere quickly!
Nowadays, I even use mushi-ki to make Japanese style babyfood for my son! I love this tool!!

One of my favorite steamed food is “Chawan-mushi”! It has egg, fish cake, mitsuba leaves, mushrooms, shrimp and gingko nuts! Yummy!!

If you are interested in other types of Seiro, please click the photo below!


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Welcome to the world of Japanese kitchenware!
This time, I’ll introduce “Suri-bachi” & “Suri-bou”.
“Suri” means to grind, “Bachi” means the bowl and “Bou” means the stick.

This may be a Japanese version Mortar and Pestle!
The differences are that Suri-bachi is earthenware bowl which has ridges on the surface.  This is also handy so that you can grind the ingredients easily and quickly.

Suri-bou is usually made of wood. You can also find the fancy version of Suri-bou but I like what I use now because I use this suri-bou for baking as well! 

Other than sesame seeds, I grind other ingredients to make paste. For example, small fish, Daikon radish, Carrot, Taro, Pumpkin, Rice etc…so many!


Nowadays, I make the Japanese style babyfood for my son so I also use smaller size of “Suri-bachi”. So convenient!

If you are interested in other types of Suri-bachi (including fancy one!), please click the photo below!

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