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Soboro donburi

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One of my son’s favorite foods is Soboro Donburi. Soboro means “stir-fry ingredients until being scrambled” in Japanese. You just need egg and meat. That’s all! I usually use chicken but you can also use pork and beef if you prefer. Since this recipe is so simple and easy, I cook this dish whenever my son wants. You add sugar in egg so this dish looks like between sweets and meal. (I think that’s why he likes!)
If you want to add more color (let’s say Green color ) and nutrition, I recommend to add boiled and chopped spinach, mitsuba trefoil, green beans, asparagus etc. How about decorating them between chicken and egg? Please try it out!

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Matcha tea time at Hama-rikyu gardens

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In this vlog, I will introduce seasonal drink that I found at the Starbucks and then one of the famous Japanese garden in Tokyo. This place is called “Hamarikyu gardens”. If you are in Tokyo or planning to come to Tokyo, please visit this garden and have a relaxing time with matcha tea. Enjoy the video! YUCa

Miso dengaku with konnyaku

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In this video, I’ll introduce how to make Miso dengaku with konnyaku. Do you know Konnyaku? Konnyaku is made of special potato and has gummy texture. The only nutrition is fiber so it is used as a diet food. I hope you are available to buy this ingredient at the asian supermarkets in your town. In this recipe, we use a dark brown miso which has rich and thick saltiness. This miso sauce has rich flavor and goes well with various ingredients like tofu, seafoods and vegetables etc. Enjoy the video and please try it out!!!

YUCa’s Table : vol.176

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Menu :
– Miso soup with spring onion and wakame seaweed  [Recipe]
– Carp mixed rice
– Grilled salmon
– Sauteed sprouts with sesame oil
– Japanese omelet  [Recipe]
– Cabbage and plum hijiki pickles
– Mini tomato
– Kimpira  [Recipe]
– Natto *fermented soybeans

Happy New Year of 2020 !!!

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Happy New Year of 2020!
In this vlog, I will show you how my family spend on new year’s day and also talk about my plan for 2020!

How was the year of 2019 for you?
So many things happened for both business and private life.
TOP1 Gave birth for second child.
TOP2 Got the honor of the BEST cooking class in Japan by TripAdvisor AGAIN !
TOP3 Published the cookbook (https://yjc.tokyo/store/)

My daughter became 2 months old and eats well, sleeps well and moves so well! I woke up several times at night for nursing her. But thanks to my family’s support, I could restart my class so quickly. Special thanks to my husband!

I hope to teach Japanese cooking for many more guests from abroad and film recipe videos to pursue my mission!
Thank you for your strong support, everyone!
Have a peaceful, warm and yummy(?!) new year of 2020!

Lots of love from Japan,

YUCa’s Japanese Cooking on COOL JAPAN (NHKBS1)

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YUCa’s Japanese Cooking will be featured on the Japanese TV show “COOL JAPAN” (NHK BS1 channel).

On their new year’s special program, they will feature 25 news and cool activities in Japan and rank them and discuss its secrets. (Oh no!!! I feel excited and also nervous…50:50) .

If you are/will be in Japan, check out this program on the 1st of January, 2020 from 22:00! [Japan time]
Don’t miss it!!!

Ameyoko outdoor market in Ueno

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After the Christmas day, it’s time to prepare for New Year’s! In this vlog, I will introduce one of the biggest outdoor market called “Ameyoko” in Ueno area. I was so amazed to see that Ameyoko is getting so international food town. You will see Korean food, Taiwanese food, Chinese foood and Thai food etc. So, every time I go there, I feel like I am traveling many countries (especially Asian countries) at the same time! Amazing, isn’t it? If you are in Tokyo or planning to come to Tokyo, please visit and enjoy the foods and shopping there! At the end of the video, I will guide you to our family’s favorite train themed restaurant!!! Enjoy the video! YUCa

YUCa’s Table : vol.175

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Menu :
– Pasta with cabbage and small fish
– Salad with lettuce, cherry tomato and sprouts
– Pumpkin soup
– Muscat and peach

Seasonal snacks : winter 2019

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In this vlog, I will introduce seasonal snacks that I found at convini (convenience stores). Convini is one of the interesting places where you can find new products and foods. I don’t go to convini often but I found it might be fun just to go there and pick some limited sweets and snacks of the season. Hopefully, I would be able to film this series every season. (Wish me luck! 🙂 What was your favorite snacks and sweets? Please let me know!! Enjoy the video! YUCa

Morning on Christmas day

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Santa came to our house with presents & letter!
My son put the handmade little door on the window so that Santa can enter. Good job!
That’s why Santa could enter our house…Maybe?

Merry Christmas, everyone!🎄✨

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