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Did you try Japanese-style Hamburg Steak with Ponzu recipe?

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Do you enjoy my Japanese-style Hamburg Steak with Ponzu sauce recipe? This recipe might be easy for you, cooking lovers!

Japanese-style hamburg steak is a little bit different. During this video, I will also show you how to make ponzu sauce as well. I remember that many of my cooking class guests wanted to know this recipe. Thank you for waiting!

If you cannot find Shiso (Japanese Basil) and Daikon radish, don’t worry! Please skip the ingredients or grate other veggie (radish, carrot, turnips etc) for topping. After making hamburg steaks, please put in a container and eat within 2 days! Fresh is important for this hamburg steak.

P.S. This hamburg steak is good at paring with Japanese premium sake.

Kusa-dango And Kuzumochi

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Kusa-dango and Kudzu mochi. Both sweets are made of edible plant.
Kuzdu-mochi topped with kinako (soybean powder) and Kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup)!

In Japan, we use kudzu powder a lot for sweets and also for savory dish. If you are interested in how the Kudzu is like, please check those of my recipes on either YouTube or my recipe app “Recipe by YJC”.

White Sesame Tofu
Matcha kudzu jelly with Mochi
Black Sesame Kudzu Jelly

Perfect sweets in the beginning of Summer!

Stay Safe And Healthy!

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Yum yum yum♡
I have just uploaded this week’s recipe on my YouTube channel.
Hope you like this video and try it out!!! Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Stay safe & healthy!

Wheat Gluten

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Have you ever seen them at your supermarket? Would you like to know how to cook them?
Please check my upcoming recipe video on my YouTube channel !

Behind The Scenes…

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I cleaned my working table and added new kitchen gadget called Sui-chan.

Gyoza making with kids

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Cooking is relaxing. That’s what I always feel while cooking. The other day, I cooked with my son and we made Gyoza (pot stickers) from scratch.
Homemade gyoza pastry has special chewy texture that you cannot taste from premade gyoza pastry. I like homemade better, of course!

In my Gyoza making online class, I will teach how to make Gyoza pastry from scratch! If you are interested in, please check the ingredients/utensils you need to prepare beforehand and book your seat from here!
➡️ https://yjc.tokyo/online-cooking-class-schedule

By the way, Gyoza making is the perfect activity to cook with kids!

Japanese sweets online class!

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I am now teaching mochi ice cream in Japanese Sweets online cooking class.
This class is getting popular so I am HAPPY!
Maybe…you understand how much I love homemade mochi ice cream from this photo! Hahaha

Gyoza online cooking class

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Don’t forget your smile while cooking!

If you are interested in learning how to make Gyoza from scratch,
please book the class from here!

In this class, we will make Gyoza pastry from scratch!
I prefer homemade gyoza pastry than premade one. Do you now why? You will know it after making it!!!

If you prefer vegan, vegetarian, halal, gluten-free Gyoza, I can customize the menu for you!
See you from your kitchen!

Happy Children’s Day 2020!

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Happy Children’s Day !
Children’s Day is a Japanese national holiday which takes place annually on May 5th, and it is part of Golden Week Holidays.
The purpose of the Children’s Day is to celebrate children’s happiness and to respect their personalities.

The day was originally called “Tango no Sekku”, or Boy’s Festival, was celebrated in order to wish the healthy growth of the boys in the family.

On that day, families with boys raise ‘koi-nobori’, or the carp-shaped streamers outside the house, wishing their success in their lives. They also display ornamental helmets called Kabuto or samurai dolls at home, because they are believed to be symbols of strength and vitality.

Traditional foods such as ‘kashiwa-mochi’, mochi rice cakes wrapped in oak leavesand, and ‘chimaki’, rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves are eaten on that day. People put iris leaves and roots in the bath. It is believed that it will purge noxious vapor.

This year, my husband prepared kashiwamochi and I bought iris leaves and roots to put in a bath. Since it’s rare to put iris leaves and roots in a bathtub, my son enjoyed his long bath time tonight!
Of course, kashiwamochi was delicious with green tea.

Birthday cake for Mario

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Made a special cake for dogs with using potato, special milk, yogurt and blueberries.
The reason is…Mario (our therapy dog!?) became 9 years old !!!
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