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Calligraphy time!

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Calligraphy time! I wrote Sui’s name on a special paper to follow one of the Japanese tradition.

In Japan, parents usually decide their newborn’s name until the 7th day after the birth. Because most of the parents used to invite their family and relatives and hold special dinner gathering/party. At this event, parents announce their baby’s name for the first time and put the paper with their baby’s name on the wall to show everyone.

Nowadays, parents and their family (including relatives) live apart because of lifestyle and also for work situation. So, it’s not so easy to coordinate this gathering after the child birth. Modern parents usually celebrate this event only for themselves these days. Same as this situation, my husband and I had casual lunch with my parents on the day I came back home from hospital. Then, I went asleep to get recovered soon…zzz

I’d learned Chinese calligraphy for almost 20 years before. (Wow, longer than teaching Japanese cooking!) However, I haven’t written calligraphy for past 4 years! Last time I did calligraphy was when my son was born. Anyway, it’s very relaxing and precious time for me to do calligraphy!

Sleep well, eat well and play well!

I wrote calligraphy for Mario and Luigi as well. 😘🐻🐻 (I am sure they are wondering…)

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