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Happy New Year of 2017!

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Dear Japanese Food Lovers,

Happy New Year! (Akemashite Omedetou!)

Let’s keep discovering the world of Japanese cooking in 2017!!!

I am looking forward to meeting/communicating many of you through my cooking classes in person and also my YouTube channel!



Ramen & Gyoza @ Roppingi

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I had friends (and 9 months old baby) visiting from Canada for almost two weeks. So I visited some places with them. One of the memorial area is Roppongi.

When we visited there, the Christmas market was held and the illuminations near the Roppongi Hills were so beautiful.
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YUCa’s Table : vol.136

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Breakfast menu:
– Miso soup
– Japanese rice
– Salad
– Sauteed spinach and bacon
– Nikujaga
– Sweetened beans and fish
– Natto
– Orange
– Green tea

YUCa’s Table : vol.135

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Lunch menu:
– Spaghetti
– Sweet corn soup
– Grilled Mushroom with cheese
– Salad with mini tomatoes
– Almond pudding with mango

YUCa’s Table : vol.134

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Breakfast menu:
– Miso soup
– Grilled onigiri (rice ball) with mushroom
– Salad with mizuna leaves and sunny lettuce
– Pickled wakame and octopus
– Yogurt with mango sauce
– Barley tea

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