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Taste Akafuku mochi at Ise jingu

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Taking the Shinkansen express train from Tokyo station, my family and I visited Nagoya station first to transfer. Then, we took the local express train called Ise-shima liner to visit the Ise jingu. I was so surprised to know that its area is roughly the same size as Paris. Since our 3 year-old son likes to visit local shrine so my husband and I wanted to take him to there. Technically, he was too young to walk long distance from entrance to the main area but we could feel the sacred atmosphere and enjoyed the beautiful Isuzugawa river.

When visiting Ise jingu, you should not miss local sweets called Akafuku. Akafuku is a Mochi coated with red bean paste. It’s not too sweet (like chocolate) so I recommend for you who like less sweet dessert. My family and I visited the headquarters of Akafuku honten so we could feel the concept of this brand. 😌🍵

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