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Taste Ramen with Matsusaka beef broth at Okage Yokocho

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In my previous blog, I introduced the local sweets called Akafuku. The name of this sweets is also the name of this shop.  And this shop is located in a Okage Yokocho. According to their website, “The idea of Okage Yokocho emerged through a deep sense of gratitude for the beautiful surroundings, bountiful resources and appreciation for all living things in the small, tucked away town of Oharai, in front of Ise Jingu in Ise City”.

There are so many unique local shops along the side of Okage Yokocho. We didn’t have time (and energy with a small child) but you can spend half day or one day there. Since I hold Ramen & Gyoza class in my cooking class, I’m always interested in tasting other ramens when I go outside. So as this time, I tried cold ramen and Japanese beef ramen 🍜. For Beef ramen, they use Japanese premium beef called “Matsusaka-gyu” for soup broth. 🐮 I am sure some of you, Japanese food lovers, know but a Matsusaka beef is locally grown beef in this area and also one of the premium Japanese beef. How rich and gorgeous this ramen is!!! They also use chicken for the broth and it adds the rich flavor. My husband and I both loved this beef ramen at Yokocho soba.

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