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Yuka’s Table : vol.19

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夜ごはん: シンプルな惣菜たちが並びましたー。かぶの葉と豆腐入り味噌汁、ごはん(この日は少なめにしました。笑)、肉じゃが、きんぴらごぼう、ふきと厚揚げの煮物、ピーマンと厚揚げと豚肉の炒めもの。
Dinner: Simple Japanese everyday dishes on the table—! Miso soup with turnips leaves and tofu, Mix of white rice and brown rice(I ate less than usual that day), Niku-jaga(=meat and potato stew), Kinpira gobo(=chopped burdock root and carrot cooked in sugar and soy sauce), stewed butterbur and deep-fried tofu, Sauteed green pepper, pork and deep-fried tofu. 

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